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  1. Susan Wardle says:

    Dear Alison, I have read your latest blog, “perfect storm of a housing crisis”, and look forward to reading earlier articles. You are quite right to say that the crisis is massive. I agree we need to change the discourse, and change attitudes, though Heaven knows where we are to begin. I am a Catholic and as a single parent and a tenant I am so used to being disdained and sidelined by my brethren-in spite of being a graduate and one-time enthusiastic convert-that I find it hard to imagine a real change. I’d also like to say that churches need to move on in their thinking about housing because for many years the focus has been on helping rough sleepers and trying to keep the most vulnerable ticking over. The problem is that the game has changed. Social housing is not just hard to come by, it is increasingly insecure. People need stability in their lives and the Govt is trying very hard to remove that. Measures such as the “Bedroom Tax” are already causing huge stress, fear and anxiety and the effects on social Wellbeing are going to be enormous. I wonder why housing charities are not campaigning more forcefully against these measures. I am a member of a Facebook Anti-Bedroom Tax group and they are asking this question. They would also like to be in contact with any legal firm prepared to consider a challenge under the Human Rights Act against the under occupancy rule. Could you offer any advice or contacts? Really we need to raise the game. I remember CHAS with respect but we do not live in the 50s any more. Please respond and help.

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